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Dear Homeschool family,

Thank you for looking at our website to gain further information regarding FIBC.  I assume that you, as I, have a great interest in the education of your children and take seriously the parental responsibility to our children to “bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.”  I am greatly concerned about the dangers and detrimental affects inherent in secular education.  It is no secret that secular education is undermining the Christian family and the authority of the Bible through the humanistic and anti-Biblical philosophies and ideas being taught—both in the classroom/curriculum and in the permissive behaviors allowed and promoted.

For this and many other reasons, I am a great promoter and encourager of a Christian education—whether it be hand-on teaching done through homeschooling or by delegating the actual academic teaching to a truly Christian “Christian school.”  I understand that each parent has to make his own educational choices (before the Lord) regarding his children.  While I love and appreciate each of our parents and children regardless of the educational choices they make, I do seek to highlight the problems inherent in secular education and promote a consideration of Christian alternatives.

I write all this to let you know that FIBC is a friend and encourager to “local church-minded” homeschool families.  While I recognize that some homeschool families have adopted extreme (even sometimes unbiblical) philosophies, I believe that most Christian homeschool families are earnestly trying to live by the Bible and rear their children in Christian truth, sound academics, and a proper environment.  If the last statement (about “most homeschool families) describes you, you will find FIBC to be a place that welcomes you and seeks to help you reach your goals of rearing your children in the ways of the Lord.  How do I know that FIBC will be friendly to you?  Because my wife and I are currently homeschoolers!

To be clear, however, FIBC does not support the "Family Integrated Church" model, believing it to be based on a flawed understanding of Biblical ecclesiology (i.e., doctrine of the church).  We support and provide age-appropriate classes and opportunities that help build strong families and promote our goal of "Growing Godly Generations."

As the Lord continues to bring more and more homeschoolers into the church, we desire to implement ways to provide increased support for homeschool families.  We would love the opportunity to be a blessing to you.  Please contact us if you have any further questions.

For the cause of godly children,

Pastor McIntyre              


                                                                              Faith Independent Baptist Church
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